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Online course supported by additional face to face workshops

  • Sydney, Thursday 21st February 2019

Presented by Shane Jeffrey and Fiona Sutherland in collaboration with the Sports Dietitians Australia Masterclass Series

It’s widely understood that eating disorders are a significant issue within the athlete setting, across ages, sports and genders. Yet, Sports Dietitians often feel ill-equipped to tackle some of the tricky presentations or situations which may arise.

By the end of this course, our aim is for you to leave significantly more confident in your ability to assess, educate, support and provide leadership in promoting effective communication channels within your sporting setting to more effectively talk about & address eating disorders.

EDRDPro Online Symposium for eating disorder dietitians

Friday 1st March - Monday 4th March 2019 (US time)

During the symposium, Shane Jeffrey will be presenting The RAVES Model

Join hundreds of health professionals for the 2019 EDRDpro Online Symposium based on a revolutionary approach to eating disorder treatment and prevention. This entire conference takes place online and can be viewed on demand, anytime, anywhere. You’ll learn in-depth about the Health at Every Size (HAES) approach, the dietitian’s role in Family-Based Treatment, the effects of certain medications on eating disorder recovery, and many more relevant and critical topics for treating eating disorders today. The symposium will consist of a key note presented by Kristen Neff, and twelve other presentations across four days covering a range of topics delivered by leaders in their field.

Exercise management in eating disorders - the mawdive framework 

Saturday 9th March 2019 - The Crows Nest Centre, Crows Nest, Sydney, NSW

Presented by Shane Jeffrey in partnership with Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) and the DAA Eating Disorders Interest Group (EDIG).

Suitable for all health professionals working in the eating disorder field.

Exercise is often a prominent feature in eating disorder presentations. Current guidelines for the treatment of eating disorders recommend assessing exercise levels, however due to a lack of evidence base, there are limited directions for supporting the management of exercise during the course of treatment. In the absence of such evidence, the literature identifies a number of key principles to be considered when integrating exercise in treatment.

This workshop will outline these key principles for consideration and demonstrate how integrating them into an overarching, evidence informed framework known as MAWDIVE can guide the decision making process around exercise management during treatment. Developed by Shane in 2016, the MAWDIVE Framework has being used clinically in a range of settings and has been presented by nationally and internationally. The workshop will also include group discussion, case studies and practical application of the MAWDIVE Framework in the treatment setting.

Tickets $90 - $160

As a partner to this presentation, DAA’s EDIG is hosting a one day workshop on Friday 8th March titled ‘Eating Disorders - Conversations and Practicality’ which is highly recommended. Tickets are sold separately and range from $90 - $240. For information and registration details for this DAA workshop, please register here. Attendees at the DAA workshop will receive a 25% discount on the MAWDIVE workshop registration fee.

ANZAED - Autumn workshop series (auckland - New zealand)

The 2019 ANZAED Autumn workshop series presents and exciting program that will be held at the Grand Mercure Hotel, in the heart of Auckland's CBD/waterfront. With a an exciting program catering for clinicians both new to and experienced in working with eating disorders, the program offers a range of six workshops across two days.

Presented by Shane Jeffrey, there will be two dietetic workshops.

Friday 5th April 2019 - Dietetic interventions for eating disorders in the outpatient setting

Saturday 6th April 2019 - Dietetic interventions for eating disorders in the inpatient setting, and an overview of refeeding syndrome. An expert panel discussion will also be facilitated on Saturday afternoon with dietitians Bridgit Eder, Stella Freidlander, Estella Leek, and Fiona Sutherland.

RAVES™ workshops

  • Melbourne: May 24-25 2019

  • Brisbane, June 7-8 2019

  • Sydney, June 21-22 2019

Presented by Shane Jeffrey, developer of the RAVES™ eating model.

The RAVES Eating Model is a robust and evidence informed framework that supports the development of positive food relationships. With over ten years of real world application the RAVES eating model has been adopted by dietitians, psychologists, general practitioners and psychiatrists across a variety of clinical populations. Having been presented at both the national and international level, the RAVES eating model provides a no frills, step-by-step approach to challenging diet culture.

This interactive workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of how the RAVES eating model was developed, and how it can be applied clinically both as a stand alone model and in conjunction with a variety of behaviour change strategies to support sustainable dietary change when working in areas of eating disorders, the non diet approach, and chronic disease.